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Telescopic Sights

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The important factors that affect a successful shot are:-

1) The Shooter
2) The Rifle
3) The Ammunition
4) The Sight (scope)

Modern Rifles, even the less expensive ones, are all capable of grouping at about an inch at 100yrds. Factory produced ammunition is very consistent. Telescopic sights remain the one area where the shooter can gain a genuine advantage. When budgeting for your rifle package, it is important to buy the best scope you can afford. Top makes like Swarovski have a lifetime guarantee, they don’t wear out and their performance does not diminish over time. We are more than happy to demonstrate our scopes outside the shop so that you can judge for yourself their quality and effectiveness.

The range of telescopic sights we stock are listed below:-

Swarovski, Zeiss, Schmidt Bender, Leupold, Bushnell, Redfield, MTC and Richter Optik


A good pair of binoculars can enhance many outdoor activities. We stock some of the leading brands available and are therefore able to supply you with the right specifications to suit your needs.  Stalkers need tough, waterproof bino’s with good light gathering capabilities. Bird watchers need compact size binoculars with good magnification. Walkers and  ravellers need lightweight pocket size binoculars. For more information on binoculars please go to our Review magazine article in issue 4.

The range of binoculars we stock are
listed below:-

Schmidt Bender

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