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Air Rifles

Cotswold Shooting Air Rifles

Air rifles can be a great introduction to shooting; they provide inexpensive fun whilst at the same time develop shooting skills and safety awareness. Air rifles are also commonly used to control vermin (squirrels, pigeons, rats etc) and have an effective killing range of about 45m. As long as you are 18 years old or over, you can own an air rifle (provided it is under 12ft/lb's in power) without the need for a license.

There are four different types of air rifle to choose from:

1. Spring/break barrel
2. P.C.P (Pre-Charged Pneumatic)
3. CO2
4. Gas Ram

The most popular are spring and PCP’s and to help choose between them we have listed their advantages and disadvantages below:
Advantages Disadvantages
Spring/Break Barrel
1. Cost (full power 12ft/lbs from £150.00) Vibration and recoil when fired
2. Junior guns available (from £70.00) Noisy
3. Produces own power supply Slower to load
Single shot only
1. Very quiet (can be fitted with moderator) Cost (from £400.00)
2. Very accurate (no vibration) Need for air supply (scuba tank or stirrup-pump)
3. No recoil
4. Fast to load
5. Multi-shot option
6. Easy to fit a bi-pod to as there is no need to break the barrel to reload (unlike a spring air rifle).

As premier dealers for Daystate, BSA, Weihrauch, Falcon, Air Arms, Prestige, SMK and FX, we aim to stock the largest range of air rifles and pistols in the area. We have an on-site 30m range facility enabling our customers to try before they buy, and ensure that their air rifle is sighted-in correctly and ready to go.

To compliment these rifles we stock a wide range of accessories, including: slips, targets, bipods, sound moderators, pellets and cleaning kits.

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